Reinhard Pribish’s
Graphic Design Portfolio

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Village Cab of Davis, California

I took the photo of the two taxis and designed the two
sided color business card with a back receipt form.

I designed the Village Cab door logo which was also
featured on a promotional drink coaster advertisement.

I was an independent contractor Village Cab driver
in Davis for nearly 15 years with zero accidents!

Death Remedy

I’m the drummer in the death metal band
Death Remedy, started in 2006 by one of the
best guitarists on the planet, Aaron T. McClure.

I designed this version of the band logo in 2012.

There are 5 Free Songs posted at

Far Western Anthropological
Research Group, Inc.
Davis, California

I was a graphic artist from 1994 to 2003
creating resource site maps, online books,
technical illustrations, etc.

Yolo County Public Library Web Site
Davis, California Branch

The first web site I created was a volunteer project in 1996
for the Davis Branch of the Yolo County Public Library.

The web site was featured in the March 10,
1996 Science & Technology section of
The Davis Enterprise.

Missile Command

I was the drummer in the bay area death
metal band Missile Command from 1995-1998.

I created the band logo collage photo
and demo cassette tape J-card insert.

1995 National Organic Directory
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Davis, California

I was the Project Manager, ad designer
and ad sales representative for the 1995
National Organic Directory, a 404 page
reference guide that at the time was
the Yellow Pages of the Industry.

B.S. Landscape Architecture
June 1993
University of California, Davis

I graduated from the University of California
at Davis in June 1993 with a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Landscape Architecture.


Trails was a project created in a Computer Graphics class
I took as a student at UC Davis. This digital artwork earned
an Award of Merit ($50) at the 1992 California Exposition and
State Fair and was featured in the June 1993 Home-grown Art
Contest in the California Computer News.

Kilgore Trout
Band logo and flyer

Kilgore Trout was an early 90’s Davis, California Band.

I designed the band logo and this 1990 flyer with
pen and ink for my friend and fellow drummer
Jeff Klein (also a huge Neil Peart fan!)

Heavy Metal Pee-Chee Folder

This was my heavy metal Pee-Chee Folder from 1982.

That same year, I won the Top Drafting Student and
Top Algebra Student Awards at my 9th grade graduation
from Hamilton Jr. High School in Long Beach, California.

Kenworth Conventional
Truck Drawing

I drew this Kenworth truck drawing with
pencil on manilla paper sometime in the
5th or 6th grade. I used to build scale model
diesel trucks as a kid drew them from memory!

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